To Christian

To Christian: Acoustic, intimate songs of worship

The idea behind “To Christian” was to record a collection of songs in utter simplicity.

For this project I gathered together a number of songs that I’d previously written and joined with Pianist Daniel Anderson to record them. I had heard Dan’s playing before and thought he would be perfect for the album because he plays with such wonderful emotion. The tracks were kept almost completely piano/vocal as I wanted to do something where production didn’t get in the way of the message. “To Christian” has consistently ranked as one of my most downloaded albums. I think the reason for that is many Christians are looking for Christian music which will bring them to Jesus in the simplest, most authentic way possible.

“To Christian” contains one of the very first songs that I wrote as a Christian called, “The Brightest Star”. The songs range from the protective, encouraging love of God in “On The Wings Of A Prayer”, to the crying out for cleansing in “Wash Me Lord”. Always front and center is the cross and what Jesus has accomplished for us there. Along with the element of worship the album also has a song of warning- The title track “To Christian” warns about “loving the world”. Another called “What Have We Gained From It All” is one which I always find to be personally convicting.

I’ve always written my songs sort of like you’d imagine King David did, as a response to communion with a living God. When you read the Psalms of David you’re reading David’s life as it was lived out before God. Thankfully, I wasn’t out in the middle of a desert when I wrote mine, but I was often alone and crying out to God and recording those moments in song. They would pretty much come anywhere I was and I carried around a little pocket recorder to get them down before I forgot them. I still use a small recorder today in the same way.

Here’s a bit of verse I wrote concerning my album “To Christian”. The neat thing, in my opinion, is that what was left to us was David’s lyrics, not his music. That’s rather startling for a generation who has come to value the flashy world of modern media. But God is concerned with substance, not image- He left us with what really mattered, He left us His Word.


King David was a Songwriter

King David was a songwriter
and it seems quite good,
yet no music remains as you’d think it would.

Could it be that after the song is gone,
God’s truth continues on?

You’ll notice that these songs of mine are simply played, and plainly simple
That vision drove the whole of me-

The music never was the songs, nor was it ever meant to be!

My tunes were written in the streets, in parking lots and malls,
One gem was written at a pretzel stand, not in a concert hall!
In fact, this whole recording may be overstated,
as simple as it is, it’s still more complicated…

Than the way the songs were written
and the way God heard them sung,
those many days I filled my lungs to sing to Him!

-Written about the album “To Christian” by Mike Helms

©Mike Helms-Songs of Jesus Music