A Holy Spirit Adventure In Jesus!


Recent news…

In 2017 I experienced a devastating situation in my life. This was followed at the beginning of 2018 with a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The revival that God began at the time has been completely life changing. Because of those changes I’ve decided to no longer do music production. My music will continue to remain on the site but I have removed the download store. If you wish to get my music you can continue to do so on iTunes and CDbaby.

God can use devastation to change the course of our life. Even things that initially appear negative and are painful can be turned around for good. This is exactly what God has done for me! The revival God began in me in 2018 continues strong and is advancing. Part of the reason for that is because I surrendered everything and decided not to look back, but rather forward to take hold of His purpose and plans for my life. In the process Jesus has become more to me than I could ever imagine or hope for!

I’ve been keeping a personal journal about the changes that have been taking place and have also been blogging here from time to time, but have decided at this point to have a dedicated website for the purpose of blogging about revival and the Lord Jesus. Therefore, I’ve also removed the blogging section at Songs of Jesus.

The most wonderful thing in the Christian life is laying everything down and letting go of even our most cherished desires. I’ve done that, and all I can say is that God has a way of returning to us better things than what we’ve lost. As the scripture says, “No one who trusts in Him will ever be disappointed!”

May you enjoy the blessings that come with abiding in Him!