A Rose In Bloom

Jesus takes death and turns it into the sweetness of eternal life; He gave us the very precious promise that whoever believes in Him will never die.

What greater gift could we be given than eternal life? As it turns out, I’m releasing this song 9 years to the day of my mother’s funeral. I didn’t plan it that way, but it certainly makes the song all the more real for me. I wrote the song many years ago because of my faith in Christ, but how much more meaningful it is to me now! The sting of death is turned into a song of joy for all who belong to Jesus!

The bible says there’s a certain beautiful fragrance in belonging to Jesus. He was the first to defeat death and rise again, and in Him we also possess the sweetness of His life and will rise again through Him.

When I listen to this song it soothes me. It has the effect of Psalm 23 when I hear it…

“He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul.”

Death can be somewhat of an abstract thing until it happens to those we love the most. It’s certainly not the thing that poets make it out to be, nor is it simply the circle of life as some claim- The bible calls death an enemy.

“The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” -1 Corinthians 15:26

So there is something beautiful beyond words in the truth that Jesus has defeated this enemy. The last word for those who are in Christ is not death, it is everlasting life!

“He is the fragrance of a sweet perfume, He’s a rose in bloom, and He will never die!” -From “A Rose In Bloom”