When Jesus Appears

I went to a Bethel Music Conference in Dallas last May. My expectations were high and I wasn’t disappointed in the least, but the truth is, Jesus is fine with showing up in my bedroom. He doesn’t just show up at the big events!

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them!” -Matthew 18:22

Think of that! Jesus, right there with us!

It’s not like He lights up His presence when 5,000 gather, and dials down His glory when there’s just three or four of us!

The music was awesome at the Jesus Culture concert I was at recently and I experienced the presence of God there in a beautiful way too, but His presence was just as glorious a few days earlier when four of us met after hours at an office building and worshiped Him!

The week before that we were at another brother’s home. Again, just four of us- and I felt for a moment that I was taken up into heaven! The presence of God there was AMAZING!

At the height of worship I was even given a vision concerning something I’d been praying about.

I left that gathering and felt like the Holy Spirit flooded my car the entire drive home! But that was only a prelude of things to come…

It happened again about a week ago…

There was a prophetic conference in our area and I thought about going to it, but as I did it occurred to me, “I don’t have to pay $100 to go to a conference for a day to have the Holy Spirit speak to me, He’s speaking to me all the time!”

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with going to a conference and paying to go, but as I thought about it I got a text from a friend who was offering to let some of us carpool with her to a church that evening. I decided at the last minute to go with her and another brother.

As we drove up to the church and entered the parking lot we had some worship music on and the three of us began to worship. Suddenly the presence and power of God fell in that car in a way I’ve almost never experienced! It was so profound I knew that I would be different from that day on!

Her car turned out to be a portal for the glory of God!

The Holy Spirit didn’t need 40, 400, or 4000 to make it worth His time to show up!

Jesus told us He’d be right there with us in a special way if just 2-3 of us gathered in His Name.

He wasn’t kidding!

He wants us to understand it’s not about the numbers and it’s not about the place.

When Jesus shows up He doesn’t manifest less of Himself because there’s less of us gathering.

We get the whole Jesus! He’s not parceling Himself out in pieces!

The one who walked the shores of Galilee doing miracles and healing all who were under the power of the Devil is the same one who shows up in our living room, or our car!

Jesus wants us to get that.

He could have said, “If a whole bunch of you get together I’ll light you up like fireflies and show up in My Glory!”

He didn’t say that!

He said 2-3 “gathering in His Name” is all it takes.

What does He mean by “gathering in His Name”?

I take it to mean 2-3 gathering who are “all about Jesus”. Two or three who have nothing in mind but Him! Two or three who are absorbed and in love with our Lord.

Do that and you will have Jesus showing up and revealing Himself in the most profound and beautiful ways imaginable!

The same Jesus who showed up in a barn when He was born is happy to show up wherever you are!