The Tower Of Babel: Connected To Everyone But God

It’s not hard to see the connection of our modern online world to the ancient Tower of Babel. At first glance the two may seem worlds apart but skip the tech and what’s old is new again!

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”Ecclesiastes 1:9

Take away the technology that brings us movies and HD screens and the walls of Pompeii are really no different than today’s internet porn. One of the core truths of God’s Word is that we as a people keep doing the same things we’ve always done. There’s really nothing new, we just keep rehashing the same old stuff with more advanced technology.

What was the purpose of the Tower of Babel?

“…so that we can make a name for ourselves.” -Genesis 11:4

The internet is Babel 2.0

There has never been a more prolific attempt to make a name for ourselves in human history. The internet has been a mad scramble to get noticed. The entire world is literally marketing themselves!

We make connections in order to be noticed and taken seriously. People have always done that and always will. When did “networking” begin? If you Google it people seem to think it started with social media. Some date it back to 1969. I found this link by Scott King… When Did Social Networking Begin?

Scott answers the question this way- “For centuries tribes, villages, towns, cities and the like networked with each other in order to survive and progress. No one man created everything he ever needed by himself. He networked to get there.”

Good answer! The bible actually shows social networking going on in a big way all the way back to the book of Genesis at the Tower of Babel! Social networking is not new by any means.


Where does God fit in at the Tower of Babel?

Where did God fit in over at the Tower of Babel while all this social networking was going on? He didn’t. There’s nothing recorded about the people there wanting to connect and network with God.

All we find happening at the tower is people who want to build the highest structure possible “to make a name for themselves”. Kind of sad.