From The Beginning I Revealed The End

In my post, “God’s Prophetic Whisper” I talk about the Holy Spirit’s activity in speaking to us about future events.

Why does God speak to us about future events?

The reasons can be varied. Here’s a few that I’ve experienced-

1. The Spirit of God may warn me.

2. He may reroute my path and redirect me.

3. He may instill faith for a future blessing.

Another BIG reason I believe God speaks to us prophetically about our future is to give us a strong point of reference.

He sees ahead and tells us about it so that when it happens we will understand that life is not happening without Him being aware of it.

God knows and tells us in advance so that when it happens we will remember that He is in control and He knew about it before it happened.

“But these things I have spoken to you, so that when their hour comes, you may remember that I told you of them.” -John 16:4

In this passage Jesus is telling them that persecution is in their future. This isn’t exactly the kind of thing that most people want to hear!

Of course, we love it when the Holy Spirit speaks what we consider to be a blessing, but sometimes the things the Holy Spirit speaks are not immediately apparent as blessings- in fact, it may look like the total opposite of a blessing!

Can you trust that the “bad thing” in your life may in fact be there as a gateway to the good thing that God is leading you into?

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

By telling you something in advance God is establishing a strong point of reference that GOD KNEW about the very thing that is now happening in your life before it ever took place.

If you trust in the goodness of God there’s a certain comfort in knowing that before something happens God already knew about it and told you in advance!

It’s God’s way of saying, “Look! I have your back!”

It’s also God’s way of saying, “Look! I hold your future!”

Finally, it’s God’s way of saying, “Look, it’s going to be okay, because I have a plan!”

“From the beginning I revealed the end. From long ago I told you things that had not yet happened, saying, “My plan will stand, and I’ll do everything I intended to do.” – Isa 46:10

Ultimately God speaking to us about our future is about Him letting us know He is with us and He holds us in the palm of His hand whether we understand our present circumstances or not.