Life In The Margins

Today I’d like to point you to a man who wrote about life in the margins of his one year bibles with the intent to distribute them to family after he died.

His name is Hank Synder. I met Hank many years ago when we were both beginning our walk with Jesus. We met in the local library. I’m not sure if he saw me reading my little copy of the New Testament I carried around with me or if I saw him reading the bible, but one way or another we discovered we were both interested in Jesus. We used to get in conversations about spiritual stuff we knew little about but were eager to learn!

One thing I never knew about Hank was that for the last 19 years he’s been reading one year bibles and writing his thoughts, life experiences, memories, insights, prayers and more in the margins. But it wasn’t just that he went through the bible 19 times in 19 years- he had 19 people in mind to give the bibles to when he finished!

Think of it like 19 diaries of his life recorded in the margins of those bibles. That’s pretty cool!

Not only is Hank getting to bless his relatives with his personal memories and reflections of life, God, family and friends, but he is sharing his faith by giving God’s Word. You can read his inspiring story here:


A legacy of love


Photo: Daily Citizen/wiscnews