Jesus On My Mind

All I’ve got is Jesus on my mind!

When I met Jesus He was with me for breakfast, lunch and supper. He was the first thing to come to mind when I woke up, and the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep. He was all-consuming! I had just found the love of my life and I wanted the whole world to know it! I was so into Jesus that it annoyed people who were around me. I was always there in the kitchen reading my bible (reading it out loud, actually). I would pull out my guitar in the kitchen and write and sing songs about Jesus while my Mom prepared supper. My sister couldn’t enter or leave the house without going through the kitchen, so that meant hearing me sing about Jesus morning, noon and night. Was I annoying? Yes I was! But I was in love! We’ve all been there, but in this case it wasn’t a girl that had my head spinning, it was Jesus that was always on my mind. The more I thought about Jesus, the more I loved Him!

I’m excited about “Jesus On My Mind”. Why? Because it captures the heart of knowing Jesus for me- it’s permeated with the Love of God, and His love is what changed my life.


14 Spirit infused songs that will point you straight to Jesus and His love

There are 14 songs on “Jesus On My Mind”- if you can, just set aside some time and listen from start to finish. You don’t even have to buy the album to do that, you can listen on Spotify, or you can use the player on this page and it will play all the songs one after another. Let them saturate your thoughts and you will come out the other side more in awe of Jesus.