Jesus Delights To Answer Prayer

God often surprises us with things that are often small and inconsequential.

Absolutely! So spying a Great White Egret across the field I thought, “Why not? I’m going to ask God to send that bird to me!” So I prayed, “Father, I know it’s a little silly, but I’d really like you to bring that egret to me!”

No sooner had the words left my mouth when it spread it’s wings and began to take flight!

I watched it as it climbed to quiet a height and flew toward the tree line soaring higher and higher. It was not at all near me at this point but I had a good view similar to how I see them most days I’m out there praying. It then circled past the Evergreens and began to return with a trajectory aimed directly at me! As it made it’s descent it flew about 6 feet in front of me and only a foot above my head!

Okay, that qualified! Unless I was at “Bird World” with trained birds while holding my arm out to land on me, this was about as close I was going to get in the wild to one of these. I’ve prayed in the Greenway for months, see the egrets pretty much on a daily basis, and they don’t exactly come near people. Another guy on the trail came over to me and said, “Wow, that was cool! He was right next to you!” He goes on to tell me how skittish they are, and I’m like “Yeah, I know, you can be a long way away and take a step toward them and they take off.”

Well, the next day I’m back out on the trail and when I got to the place where this happened I said, “Wow God, that was cool, thanks for bringing me the egret!” And it occurred to me,

“If that’s how God delights in answering a prayer that’s so small and unimportant, just think how much He delights to answer the serious stuff I pray!”

ABOUT AN HOUR LATER I had a meeting with someone so I left the Greenway and headed over to his house and we went out on his deck to enjoy the beautiful weather. As we’re sitting there he says, “This might seem weird, I don’t know why, but I think God wants me to give you this FEATHER!” And he reaches over and puts a feather in my hand!

I’m like, “What! That’s crazy! Let me tell you about this egret and how God showed me how much he delights to answer prayer”.

Now I almost decided not to blog about this, because I understand how trivial it is to pray for an egret to fly across my path. Clearly the point is not that God sent me an egret, but that he wanted to show me that he is attentive to my prayers. God did that not only by having the egret fly across my path as I prayed for, but he had my friend hand me a feather to really make the point!

I find that God will often use the natural to speak to us about the spiritual. We find Jesus doing that all the time in His parables. Jesus takes the ordinary things of this world to tell us about the things that are unseen.

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” -John 3:8

Only a couple weeks earlier I was in the Columbia River Gorge. I was in the middle of prayer when God gave me this verse:

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings AS EAGLES; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” -Isaiah 40:31

At the moment it came to me an eagle flew above my head and begin circling directly above me for a couple minutes.

Later that day I was at a home church where they laid hands on me in prayer and the above verse from Isaiah referencing EAGLES was spoken over me.

A few days later I was out in the Greenway, which is my usual place of prayer, when two Bald Eagles, much like the egret, swooped down within a few feet in front of me! Once again a bystander who saw it happen was in amazement.

I will leave it to you to decide whether this was from God or not. I have no need to prove or disprove it. I can only say that if you’re paying attention, you might be surprised how God is able to speak to you.