Jesus Cannonballs Into The Pool!

While I was praying for the Church yesterday, I saw a swimming pool that represented the Holy Spirit.

You know how it is when you first get into a pool and you kind of wade in slowly because the water’s cold? Maybe it’s up to your thighs? You manage to get in up to your stomach, but you’re just standing there- you’re not ready to take the plunge in?

Then some kid, or some huge guy, decides to cannonball into the pool right next to you!

You get totally drenched– his splash covers about half the pool!

At that point, you’re like, “I might as well just take the plunge” cuz you’re totally wet anyway, and half your body is out in the air, and now you’re really cold!

Well, that’s what I saw Jesus do! There were a whole bunch of people half way in the water, when Jesus runs up and does a cannonball into the pool, making a huge splash and getting everybody wet!

That’s what’s coming to the Church!

You’re going to get wet whether you want to or not!

Jesus is going to make such a splash in the Holy Spirit you’re going to be drenched! Your hair is going to be dripping, you’re going to feel like you just got woke up! It’s going to be brisk and it’s going to be sudden.

There’s a whole lot of people who are just wading in the shallow end of the Holy Spirit. They might dip their toes in there, sit on the ledge and watch other people dive in the water, but they’re content just to watch. Maybe they see all the fun other people are having, and they decide they want to get in on it, but not too quickly- they’re just standing there with the water up to their stomachs still watching. Then Jesus jumps in! Surprise!!! You’re getting wet! The beach ball’s hitting you in the head!

I’m telling you there’s a Great Splash, a mighty wave, and for those who can hear it- a Holy Spirit TIDAL WAVE that’s about to hit. It’s going to change everything!

It’s coming whether we like it or not. Jesus is jumping into the pool!

I love it!

“Yes Jesus, make a splash that turns into a tidal wave of Revival!”

“The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” -Hab 2:14