I Proved My Love For You!

It’s a crazy thing that we should question whether God loves us, but we often do. When that happens God points us to the cross and says, “Look, what I’ve done! There’s the proof of my love!” The cross of Jesus should erase all doubt. He didn’t have to die there, but He did. He freely gave His life for us out of love. And more than that- He did it “while were were yet sinners”. He didn’t wait until we got our act together to come for us. He came when we were at our lowest, when we were too weak to save ourselves or even care about saving ourselves, He came and gave His life for us.


I Proved My Love-Lyrics

by: Mike Helms

When you were thirsty
I gave you water-
when you were falling down

I showed you mercy
the way to my Father,
I took all your sin
and gave you a crown…

Don’t you know how much I love you?
Well I hope you understand-
when there was nothing left
that you could do…
I proved my love for you!

When you were hungry
I came to feed you-
when you were down and out

You didn’t love me
but my love could see through
all of your pain, and all of your doubt

©1999 Mike Helms- Songs of Jesus Music