I Belong To Another


I Belong To Another-Lyrics

by: Mike Helms

I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna follow You
Whatever You ask me, Jesus
Is just what I want to do.

No worldly love or treasure
Oh Lord if I pay that price,
the cost might be high, but never
as great as Your sacrifice!

And I am not my own
I know I belong to another –
Who gave up Heaven’s throne
To rescue me
This world is not my home
I know I belong to another –
and where He is
is where I want to be!

I’m gonna live forever
Just think of Your nail-scarred hands
Oh Lord I pray that You never
give way to my own demands

The truth is I’m so unable
To even begin to see
the things You prepared Lord Jesus
for all of eternity!

©1999 Mike Helms- Songs of Jesus Music