I Am Not Alone

You don’t write a song like “I Am Not Alone” unless you’re feeling alone. I wrote the song going down a stretch of I-5 between Seattle and Portland. I felt very alone at the time- not only was I by myself in the car, but I felt isolated and cut off from the place and people I loved. You might know that Jesus was “wounded in the house of His friends”. It’s sad, but not that unusual for the same to happen to those who follow Him. It can be very painful to be wounded by your church, and this time it was me who was experiencing it. I won’t go into all the details here because they really don’t matter. What does matter is that God was with me- God was with me when I felt no one else was. I sang this song over and over again as I drove that day, and each time I sang it I felt renewed in my strength. GOD was with me, I was NOT alone. Storms are sure to come to the Christian in this life, and one of the most difficult storms is when you are wounded by your family, friends, or church. Take heart, God has not forgotten you or left you alone.


I Am Not Alone

by: Mike Helms

I am not alone
though the storms of life assail,
when I think I’ve lost my way
still in You I will prevail

When the light of day is gone
and the night is all I see
there is strength to carry on
but it is not because of me

Every morning is new
songs of joy come from You-
Your hand has wiped away each tear!
All my sorrows have ceased
all my fears, my unbelief
Jesus, you’re always right here…
And I am not alone

©1999 Mike Helms- Songs of Jesus Music