He Is Our God And We Are His People

“For He is our God and we are the people of His pasture…” -Psalm 95:7

Rich Mullins expressed the glory, power and majesty of God when he wrote, and the whole church sang, “Our God is an Awesome God“!

We should worship and stand in awe of such a God as this!

The thing that has always been amazing to me though is that this awesome God is an intimate God. This God who has all power and all glory wants me to be in a relationship with Him. He is not merely “our God”, but He considers us “His people”. This is where religion always seems to get it wrong. Instead of promoting intimacy, the religious system often has a way of putting up barriers to knowing God intimately. It’s very structure tends to create distance rather than closeness. The sad thing is we need this closeness with God more than anything else. It’s the reason Jesus came- to reconcile us with God; to bring us back into relationship with Him.