The Duduk- The Instrument Heard In Epic Christian Movie Soundtracks

What is that strangely inviting, breathy sounding ethnic instrument you hear throughout “You Are The Light“? It’s called the Duduk.

The Duduk has been heard in epic soundtracks like The Passion of The Christ, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, as well as many other films such as Gladiator. When I began producing “You Are The Light” I started a search for an instrument that would be able to convey the breath, life and emotion of the lyrics I had written. I chose the Duduk because in a most exceptional way it seems to be able to “speak” like few other instruments. Without using words it tells a story!

I wanted an instrument that breathed and spoke the language of Psalm 139- one that could convey in a very raw and real sense how God interacts with His people through the scripture and in our everyday life. The sense of breath is important I think, because God is a living God.

With music we are really trying to convey something that is often very hard to convey; we are trying to tell something that is beyond our ability to quite express, and I find the duduk a fascinating instrument because of it’s unparalleled ability for expression. It woefully moans, it cries, it pleads, it woos, it emotes. It speaks like a person would! I played trumpet in high school. The trumpet DECLARES! That’s why you see the trumpet used so often in scripture to announce events. I find the “voices” that instruments give to music to be a fascinating subject. I’m sure I will do a song someday about the Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Our Lord and the trumpet will stand front and center for that song, but for this song, the duduk stands supreme!