Spirit Words!

“When we tell you these things, we do not use words that come from human wisdom. Instead, we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths.” 1 Corinthians 2:13

When I was in my teens I owned a mini hardware synth that was loads of fun to play. I also had a couple of PA speakers called “Eliminators” that lived up to the name. I could spend hours rattling the house with subsonic lows and do slides that went from bass you couldn’t hear to highs that only dogs could make out. My sister’s bedroom was below mine and earth shaking bass was NOT her idea of a good time, neither did the neighbors much appreciate the fact that I had a sound system that could be heard half way down the block!

Anyway, I always knew my love for synths would find a place in my music, and it seems like synths have made a come back as of late. I wasn’t about to lay down the cash for a hardware piece (as much fun as knob twirling can be) but when I came across the DIVA synth VSTi plugin for my DAW I knew that I had found something truly special, something that could rival the old school synths of my youth… and I had just the song to try it out on…

I wrote Spirit Words during the glorious days after I first found Jesus (or more accurately, after He found me!) I thought the whole religion/Jesus thing was very boring until my eyes were opened and I suddenly saw- this was the living God! And no killjoy either; Jesus was IT! He was everything I had been looking for but just didn’t know it. Spirit Words was born out of a love explosion- God had poured His love into my heart and nothing was the same after that. The air felt cleaner, the sky was bluer, and my life was forever changed!  Spirit Words has always been one of my favorite songs that I’ve written because it captures what I felt in those early days with Jesus. A friend and I used to sit in his house and he’d grab his acoustic guitar and hammer out the chords while I sang; those were wonderful days!

Well, I always knew I wanted to take this song and do something with it. The love of Jesus is infectiously wonderful and fun- it’s about as far from boring as anything I can imagine. So out came the DIVA synth! Yes, my love of synthesizers had finally been put to good use (a marriage made in heaven you might say) no longer a torture tool to annoy neighbors or a way to rattle Suncatchers off my sisters bedroom window, but redeemed for purposes of good and employed as a messenger of the gospel!