Can I Follow Jesus Without Obeying Him?

Take a look at this cover for one of my songs… It’s a wise old owl wearing a crown.


That’s a good picture of us when we’ve stopped following Jesus, when we’re no longer obeying Him! We think we’ve got it all figured out, don’t we? Sitting out there on that tree limb self satisfied wearing our crown, doing our own thing, wise in our own eyes? Maybe someone even walks by and takes notice of how good we look wearing it! “Wow! You look GREAT in that crown!” And we believe it-kind of. (When I look at the owl on this song cover he looks a little nervous, like maybe deep down inside he knows he really shouldn’t be out there on that limb wearing that crown!)

How different this is to what following Jesus is all about… First of all, when we truly follow Jesus He is the only one wearing a crown! 

If we’re really following Jesus He is the Lord, not us. The idea that we can follow Him while we do our own thing is a lie. The thing that marked the life of Jesus is the fact that He was willing to do the Father’s will whatever it cost.

“Then I said, ‘Here I am–it is written about me in the scroll– I have come to do your will, my God.'” -Hebrews 10:7

We truly become His disciples when we follow His example- Everything else is just words.

Jesus says, “Come follow me”, and He actually means it.