Beautiful Surrender

God used brokenness as a catalyst to surrender, and surrender as the path that led straight to His heart.

The most beautiful place in Jesus is the place of surrender.

The day I was shattered was the day I started to live again. I walked a few feet into my bedroom, fell on the floor, and said, “God, I’m sorry it took this to bring me back to you.”

In my brokenness I surrendered everything I knew to surrender. In the months that followed, day by day and piece by piece I continued to lay down my life before God.

Repenting of known sin was the starting point- but barely scratches the surface of what I mean when I talk about truly surrendering to God.

He was going for COMPLETE SURRENDER and I felt like I was being stripped of EVERYTHING!

“It was good for me to be afflicted…” -Psalm 119:71

Like the Psalmist, I can honestly say that it was good for me to be afflicted. The most amazing paradox was that the more He took away, the more I received!

I learned that God does some crazy math!

He adds by taking away.

It’s worth repeating- God’s method of adding often involves Him subtracting something!

And that only happens when we surrender.

I honestly don’t believe it’s possible to surrender too much. In the same way that it’s impossible to outgive God, it’s impossible to out-surrender Him.

When we truly understand the goodness of God we gladly leave the choice to Him, for there is literally no one who has our best interest at heart more than He does!

Surrender to God has brought me to the most sublime place in my life. Though it’s possible to be a Christian without surrendering much, I can tell you that you will miss the Bliss of Heaven and never know a fraction of what it really means to be a child of Our Father in Heaven unless you fall at His feet in complete surrender.

Surrender as soon as you can and as much as you possibly can! Hold nothing back!

All you possess and all you desire? Lay it down at His feet and surrender it!

It’s in the place of surrender that God does His greatest work in the lives of His children.

Surrender is not a punishment, it’s a blessing!

Our Father is infinite love and wisdom, coupled with infinite ability to act on your behalf!

Why wouldn’t you surrender to that?

By the way…

Surrender was the lifestyle of Jesus while He was on this Earth.

“For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of Him who sent me.” –John 6:38

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” -Luke 22:39

The awesome Holy Spirit Adventure that I’m on right now started with surrender, and has been fueled by surrender.

Surrender is the gateway into every beautiful thing in Jesus.