An Angel Opens A Locked Door

In the book of Acts the supernatural realm is presented as being as normal as the world we live in.

In Acts chapter 5 the apostles are thrown into the public jail and an angel appeared at night and opened the door of the jail and brought them out.

“But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out.”
-Acts 5:19

Now don’t get the impression if you get thrown in jail, an angel is going to come and break you out! Angels are not a get out of jail free card! In any event, this isn’t the first time an angel has intervened on behalf of God’s people, and it’s not the last.

Now stop and think about this for a minute.

It’s not like some friends showed up, took the keys from the jailer, and broke the apostles out of jail. No, an angel of the Lord, a supernatural being from heaven, showed up at the jail, and opened the door apparently without a key!

But that’s not all- the angel talked to them and gave them instructions.

“Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.”
-Acts 5:20

I’m simply trying to point out that this stuff is real. It’s in the Bible and if you say you believe the Word of God you can’t just ignore it. I had two angels appear to me at McDonald’s. It only happened once, it’s not like they hang out there waiting to talk to people, but it did happen. I didn’t go looking for them by the way, they found me.

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”
-Hebrews 1:14

God sends His angels for various reasons, but the main thing we’re told about them is they are sent into our lives to minister to us.

The book of Acts is fascinating because it shows what life was like for the early church. It reveals believers who actually believe in and experience a supernatural God, heavenly angels, divine acts of Providence, and the Holy Spirit routinely speaking to people.

God is still the same, Heaven still exists, angels haven’t disappeared, and the Holy Spirit hasn’t lost his voice!