All I’ve Got Is Jesus On My Mind!

First love… You remember what it’s like… You can’t stop thinking about the person; your heart pounds faster when you’re around them; you stay up way later and get up way earlier just to be with them; your eyes SPARKLE at just the thought of them, and whenever you’re around them you can’t look away. Life suddenly becomes about THEM! When you wake up guess who’s on your mind? During the day your mind floats away to thoughts of being with them, and at night, instead of counting sheep, you picture them with you, hand in hand (which, of course, gives you insomnia) but you don’t care because it’s one more moment to reflect back on time spent together, and dream about what tomorrow may bring.

A lot of people don’t know that falling in love with Jesus can be just like that! They think that meeting Jesus is all about boring religious stuff. They could never imagine the passion that goes with being in love as having anything to do with knowing Jesus. I used to be one of those people. My brother was a Pastor and I just didn’t get the whole “Jesus thing.” It seemed very, very boring to me. Boy, was I ever wrong. Meeting Jesus turned out to be the greatest first love I’ve ever known!


Jesus 24/7- I’ve got Jesus on my mind!

I can hear it already, there’s always going to be someone that stands up to say that faith in Jesus is not about emotions and all that kind of stuff. They’ll warn about trusting in your feelings and getting to excited about Jesus on an emotional level. But let me ask you this- Have you ever really been in love with someone and not felt anything? This is the greatest love relationship in the universe and you’re not going to feel anything?

Someone else will come along and say, “Yes, but the love of Christ is all about agape love. I know that, and believe that TOTALLY.

Here’s a good definition of agape found at

“Agape is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the four types of love in the Bible.”

That fits Jesus perfectly!

But you’d be wrong to think that Jesus isn’t romantic. Have you ever opened the bible and read the “Song of Songs”? Do you think Jesus calls us His bride without reason? Jesus is passionately in love with His people! That’s one of the things I came to realize after being born again- I came to see that Jesus was not the boring religious figure I imagined Him to be; knowing Him is all about entering into the greatest love relationship you could ever have!



Jesus On My Mind- Lyrics

by: Mike Helms

All I got is Jesus on my mind
I think about Him morning, noon and night,
You know He took my place, all my sins erased
I’ve been changed by His love… and amazing grace!

All I got is Jesus on my mind
He’s the greatest love you’ll ever find,
Nothing else will do, when Jesus lives in you
Oh I thought I could see, but I was so blind….

The world and all it’s treasures soon decay
And even you and I are made of clay,
Nothing ever lasts, the future soon is past…
How quickly life just slips away!

But Jesus holds the keys to death and hell
He holds the keys to heaven’s gates as well,
He holds eternity and won’t let go of me…
He who the Son sets free, is free indeed!

All I’ve got is Jesus on my mind
He is in my rhythm and my rhyme,
He’s my morning sun, He’s there when evening comes…
And He’ll be there for me, til the end of time!

Oh all I got is Jesus on my mind
I know I talk about Him all the time,
And if you only knew, you’d be talkin’ too…
Cause He’s the greatest love that you’ll ever find!

All I got is Jesus on my mind,
All I got is Jesus on my mind
Oh He’s the greatest love that you’ll ever find!

©2013 Mike Helms- Songs of Jesus Music