Why The Christian Faith Is Hated By The World

Christians and their faith are not always the most popular thing around. Have you ever wondered why so many people hate the Christian faith? While not immediately obvious, the answer is found in this bible verse:

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” -Acts 4:12

  1. The first reason that people can’t stand the Christian faith is because it claims that “we must be saved“. We don’t like to be told that we may have a problem that is so bad that someone needs to rescue us. No one likes to be told, or wants to believe, that they are a “sinner” in need of a Savior. The whole idea goes against our grain. While we may come to the place of admitting that we may have certain “weaknesses” we think we can fix them ourselves or maybe go to a “professional” for help. But needing Jesus to “save” us? “Please! I’m not THAT bad!”, is pretty much what we think. So the first thing that people hate about the Christian faith is that they see it as being very judgmental. People do not believe that they have a problem (have sinned) and just want Christians to go away and leave them alone.
  2. The second reason people hate the Christian faith is that it claims Jesus is the only way to get to heaven. The world thinks that that’s just outrageous and ridiculous! “How could Jesus be the only way? What about all the other religions in the world? Are they all wrong?” They are sure that even if God does exist He certainly wouldn’t be as narrow minded as that! “Would He really only give us one way to get saved?” Christians answer, “Yes, that’s right. Jesus is absolutely the only way to get to heaven”, and it just smacks people as being so bigoted and intolerant that they refuse it flat out as being wrong and impossible.

But what if these two points from the bible are true?

Christians claim that these two points are immovably true. These points are foundational. In fact, so foundational, that you cannot be a true Christian if you do not believe them!

That may sound preposterous, but is it? God saw that we needed to be rescued and came up with the plan of sending His Son into the world to save us. He didn’t come up with ten plans or fifty plans or a hundred- He came up with one. One plan, and it centers on His Son for success. He guarantees us His plan will work, all we have to do is accept it. We can refuse it if we want to, but why would we ever want to?