In The Rain

“In the rain, in the rain
I’ll take a walk with you
In the rain, in the rain
There’s nothing that I’d rather do…”

What do you give a man who complains a lot about the weather and hates it when it rains? A girlfriend in the Pacific Northwest- land of clouds and showers!

That girlfriend ended up becoming my wife, and “In The Rain” is the song I wrote especially for her. But before I talk about that you need to know the back story…


A good wife is hard to find

That’s found at Proverbs 31:10. The bible says “she’s worth far more than rubies”. For a long time I felt like God was using me to prove that scripture. I didn’t end up getting married until I was 39, and trust me, by that time I was beginning to wonder if a good wife was IMPOSSIBLE to find! Not that I hadn’t met a lot of special people- but I hadn’t met the “the one”. Over the years God taught me quite a few lessons. One of my favorites is “It’s not a Song of Songs unless both people are singing it!” (That’s the one you need to remember when you really like the girl, but she’s not that into you.) As a Christian I really wanted to find GOD’S GIRL for me.

My first trip to the Pacific Northwest was in 1997. I was traveling and singing in churches at the time and I felt God was telling me I was going to meet my wife out there. I’m going to make a long story very short- by Dec 1998 it hadn’t happened yet- I was about to leave the area to head back to Wisconsin where I was from. As it turned out, much to my surprise, someone (I still don’t know who) signed me up to sing at a Christmas Banquet without asking me first. It’s a good thing they did!

When I arrived at the banquet the seating was assigned, and as I waited at the table I noticed a girl walking across the room. My first thought was that she looked like a princess! I watched as she walked straight over to the table I was at and she started talking to her friends. As it turned out her seat was right across from mine- and the rest was history. Eleven months later we were married!


In the rain, in the rain, I’ll take a walk with you…

I wrote “In The Rain” ten years later on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin. I wasn’t liking the weather but as I looked across the living room and saw my wife there I couldn’t help but feel amazingly blessed- God had given me everything I asked for and more! Being with her was everything I had ever hoped it would be like to be married.

I think it’s kind of funny that God took this guy who hates rain and put him in a part of the country who’s middle name is “rain”. Our wedding, by the way, took place on a rainy Northwest day. And do you think the rain bothered me? Not in the least! I was too taken by my bride-to-be to even give it a thought!


Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Today we’re back living in my wife’s rainy Pacific Northwest home and I’m giving her this song for Christmas. I fully expect it to rain. “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow” is for some other part of the country. (Okay, maybe if we take a drive to Mt. Hood we’ll see some snow). For all I know they sing songs here like “I’m dreaming of a rainy Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.” Yeah, it sounds sad for a Midwestern Snowman like myself, but don’t feel bad for me- We just celebrated our 14th anniversary, and like my song says, “there’s no place I’d rather be… than in the rain, in the rain!”