Merry Christmas to my wife!

So I’ve been secretly working on a song for my wife for Christmas and I actually got it finished in time! Amazing!

The song’s called “In The Rain” and she’s heard me play it on guitar a few times but (as far as I know) she has no idea I’ve been busy arranging and recording it for her. One of the best gifts that God has ever given me in my life, besides Jesus, is my wife. I prayed a long, long time for the right woman and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind God heard and answered my prayers.

It’s only fitting that I should give her this song for Christmas since we live out in the Pacific Northwest now. As I say elsewhere, “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow” is for some other part of the country. Here they’re more likely to sing songs like¬†“I’m dreaming of a rainy Christmas, just like the ones I used to know…” But that’s the whole point of my song, right? When you’re with the one you love even a downpour can feel like a sunny day!

Like many people we’ve got a bunch of presents under a tree, but the reality is that nothing comes close to the people God puts in our life- our friends, and family, and especially His precious Son.

May you enjoy them as your greatest gift this season!