Just Tell Us What We Want To Hear

We are quickly becoming a world where we only get the news we want to hear.

It seems that marketers have figured out what the bible has been telling us all along:

“For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” -2 Timothy 4:3

From the church to the TV, from friends to Facebook, we look for and get… not what we ought to hear, not what we need to hear, but what we want to hear.

Apple has just announced that they will be aggregating news. How does that work? Well, it’s kind of like your music playlist. They have algorithms that learn your taste and they start feeding you more of what you like. Facebook has been doing that for awhile now with news and advertising. They feed you ads and posts and news that are tuned to your interests. A digital world makes it very easy to deliver what you want to hear, or avoid what you don’t.

“Apple News, part of the upcoming iOS 9 operating system, aims to be the primary news source for users of the iPhone and iPad… Apple says its news app ‘follows over a million topics and pulls relevant stories based on your specific interests’… ” – Reported by Rob Lever With revamped app, news to be at core of Apple.

Apple is careful to mention that they want to use real human beings to gather news stories, but the only way you’re going to get “relevant stories based on your specific interests”, is of course, an algorithm that tracks your behavior and gives you more of what you like.

Reporter Jon Rappoport in his blog post Apple mind-control news is on the way. The globalization of media: a strike force “Decentralized Centralization” translates it this way…

“Translation: Profiling their users down to their toenails, Apple will present them with virtual bubbles of news they want to see and read. Not just one overall presentation for all; no, millions of different “news outlets” for Apple’s audiences. This introduces a whole new layer of mind control. “You’re an Obama fan? Here are stories confirming your belief in the Prophet.” “You want neo-con on the rocks with a conservative Republican twist? Here’s some war footage that’ll warm your heart.” “Do you believe ‘government gridlock’ is our biggest concern? Congress can’t get anything done? We’ve got headlines for that from here to the moon.” “Tuned into celeb gossip? Here’s your world in three minutes.” The idea: convince users, one day at a time, that what they already believe is important IS the news of the day.”

Tell them what they want to hear, just keep feeding them what they like!

“Mr. X, we’ve studied the little virtual bubble you live in, and now we can sell you your own special brand of truth.” -Jon Rappoport

We’re already seeing this very strongly in the church, “your own special brand of truth”.

What is “Christian” is anybody’s guess these days. One thing we do know is that you will like it, and it will agree with your own thinking. If you put “First Something or Other” on the door and call it a church you can teach anything you want and call it “Christian”! There’s a Christian brand with it’s own truth for every belief and lifestyle. But isn’t the real truth simply that we’ve never been really that interested in the truth at all?

Jesus called himself, “The way, and the truth, and the life”. -John 14:16

Is it any wonder very few will actually follow Him? We are much more into our way, our truth and our life to turn that over to someone else.

We are living in an age where we are fed exactly what we like. “You don’t like peas? Don’t worry, you’ll never be asked to eat peas, you won’t even be shown a picture of peas if we can help it!” It’s starts out as pandering and ends up as propaganda- “It’s all about you and what you want!”. From cradle to grave we are being spoon fed the idea that we are the center of the universe and who wants to upset that apple cart? The world is getting very good at giving us what we want, it specializes in making us feel important and right. We’ve all heard it- the customer is always right! It makes us feel good and they sell more product, it’s a win-win.

But what happens when someone upsets that apple cart? What happens when someone comes along and tells us we’re wrong? We’re very quick to dismiss it. We’ve been told all our life that we’re right and God help the person who calls us on the assumption. The bible is a dangerous book because it points the arrow at our heart and exposes the lie. To get around that we find people to interpret the bible for us, someone who will tell us that the bible doesn’t really mean what it says. Heaven forbid that we should actually read it for ourselves and take it at face value. We need someone who knows how to sell Jesus to us like a salesman sells a car. And it’s not hard to find this purveyor of religious drivel. Watered down at the very least, spiced up and made much more appealing, they offer the Jesus everyone wants but can’t find in the bible. The one who tells us we’re okay just the way we are- The Jesus that didn’t die to forgive our sin, but instead approves of it!

The world, and a church in apostasy, is only traveling faster and farther down this road of telling us what we want to hear. We gobble it up and repeat it’s mantras, but who will listen to this one called Jesus? The Son of God never pandered to public opinion and look where it got Him- nailed to a cross while a governmental official blithely asked, “What is truth?” It was hard to recognize then, as it is now, due to our lack of acquaintance.