Is Monogamy An Archaic Notion?

Maybe I should have named this post, “Why I won’t be taking marriage advice from Elle UK or Scarlett Johansson.”

In a recent post on Elle I learned that Scarlett Johansson doesn’t think monogamy is “natural”. “The fact people view marriage as hard work is proof that “it is not a natural thing”, according to Johansson. She goes on to say that monogamy is “a beautiful idea” and the “idea of marriage is very romantic” but, wait for it… “It’s a lot of work”. “It’s a beautiful responsibility”, says Johansson, “but it’s a responsibility”.

This, you see, is precisely where our current culture is at- If something requires too much work and responsibility maybe it’s just not worth it.

We are assured by Elle that Johansson’s apprehensions when it comes to monogamy are shared by other celebrities as well. “Cameron Diaz, Tom Ford, Emma Thompson and Will Smith”, says Elle UK, “have all spoken out against the archaic notion of conventional monogamous relationships.”

So let’s break this down: Monogamy, for all it stands for as a beautiful idea is actually hard work, requires people to be responsible, and is down right outdated and archaic.

And yet? People are still entering into this thing called marriage in droves!

Could it be that the “beautiful idea” of monogamy (God’s idea incidentally- Matthew 19:3–6) is actually worth the hard work and responsibility one must put into it? Could it be that monogamy is pretty much like almost everything else worth doing in life? That, yes, it requires work and responsibility but in the end it’s worth it?

I would suspect that being employed as an actress requires a lot of time, energy, hard work and responsibility and that it also comes with it’s fair share of frustration but Scarlett Johansson hasn’t thrown in the towel on that.

All “beautiful ideas” require work. Why would we think marriage is any different?