Hello India!

Hello India!

I rarely check or worry about my web statistics because I feel all I can do is put my Christian music out there- after that, I trust God to do with it as He pleases. Today, however, when renewing my SoundCloud account I noticed that the greatest number of listeners were coming from, you guessed it… India. Not the United States where I’m located, but India.

I can’t tell you why that is, but I praise God for it! It’s something I started noticing about 7 years ago with my website as well-India was at the top of the list for visitors to my website at the time.

After I started using SoundCloud about a year ago India quickly became #1 for people listening to my music on SoundCloud as well.

So what’s going on with Jesus and India? I suspect something awesome! Every now and then I get an email from Christians in India thanking me for my music or talking about something I’ve written on my website.

I’m totally blessed that God has chosen to send my music around the world to my brothers and sisters in Christ who live in India!

His blessings to you!